• What Does a Web Site Cost ?

    As every website differs with the degree of work and design involved, we like to quote on a job by job basis. However we pride ourselves on offering a high end product within a cost efficient environment. Hence we welcome jobs of any budget and size. There are no reasons we would not be able to come up with a site to suit needs and budget, all from a single page to multipage and multi tier, So call us and we can discuss it.
    If you are a NON Profit Organisation, we do special pricing to help you out. you can see some of the completed sites here at the show case page

  • Word Press : Does Upside Down Websites do Word Press installs ?

    Yes we do, presently (late 2010) we have 10 WP sites running that are incorporated in to the web site design. we can also do a stand alone install and design it up to be your web site. The WP system does take a little more work with ongoing maintantince with updates and plugins, but is a very robust system. This would be the better system if you where a big blogger or you wanted more control of the content on your web site. it needs to be set up correctly from the start to limit any security issues, bar that it is a fantastic easy system to use.

  • Can We Make Changes Down The Track ?

    Yes 100%. Once a site is built, changes can generally be accommodated very easily. We have different packages for all different website needs from design and uploading to your server, right through to arranging web hosting and ongoing maintenance briefs. Talk to us about the extent of the service you are looking for and you’ll find us flexible and helpful.

  • Will I Need Web Hosting ?

    Yes. You will need web hosting capabilities to upload your website so that it can be viewed on the web. We can arrange this for you quite easily and simply once we know what your requirements are. And at a later date, should your need for more space or data flow change, we can upgrade your site capabilities to keep pace with that.

  • Domain Name

    A Domain Name is what your visitors search for when they type into their browser. You can register your own Domain Name or we can do that for you. There are a lot of choices as you can have different domain types (.com, .com.au, .net, .tv, etc). All of these have different costs and registration renewal times.

  • Is the Domain Important ?

    Very important, what you use here can also help you in SEO and search ranking with the search engines.

  • How Long Will It Take ?

    A simple site can be turned around in a matter of days. Registration of Domain name and web hosting generally takes a little longer but we pride ourselves on a speedy turnaround, especially when your brief calls for it. As with anything, the more specific the brief, the quicker we can do our job. Having your content and graphic images ready for incorporation in the design is key to how fast we can arrange your layout. most jobs are held up due to the customer not being able to supply the required content on time.

  • Can I See Progress As You Build The Web Site ?

    Yes. We supply you with a web address so you can view progress of the site as it’s being constructed. This allows maximum input by you so that we deliver on your brief and discuss any changes before we go live. this is also the best time to test all areas of the web site to make sure they preform as you requested.

  • I Need a better Contact Page or Feed Back Page ?

    There is way more options than the basic contact page, you can see some examples on this site, they can be tailored to your needs.

  • E Commerce

    This is a big question, 100% we can implement a system that suits your needs, not one system suits all and there are so many choices to choose from. as small as selling a couple of items through a PayPal account to full blown hundreds of products through multi item and payment systems.

    This is one thing best worked out over a phone call or meeting, its a big step and you need to get it right the first time and preferred before the web site starts, once you commit to a system its time consuming and very hard to swap over.

  • Content Managment System (CMS)

    This is where we can add sections to a page or whole page changes or additions to allow the customer (you) to change data. you may be able to change text, images or whole pages content. this can be a free or paid service, depending on the requirements of your needs, we have some example pages so we are able to show you the differences and the control you need for your web site - It is better if this is worked out before the web site is built than to add it in later on- cheeper too.

  • 404 Error Pages

    We can also add error pages, this is where you may show up instead of the normal server error page, Why would i show up here ? may be a customer got to your site or had bookmarked the wrong address, even you accidentally gave them a miss spelled address. by adding the 404 or other error pages they get a friendly page to find what they are looking for.

  • SEO - Page Ranking

    We can do all the SEO work for you as we do the site, its way easier to build it in as we go. This is not as a lot advertise "Secret Sauce" its good content, keywords, descriptions ect ect, it all comes down to how you name and word pages,content,web address. If you search for balls you will get balls in the search results. so if you sell balls you need that content containing "balls" in your site, its very simple and no magic about it. At USDW we can help you implement all this to get best page rank possible.

    Do You Support All Web Browsers Yes and NO, We 100% support all modern web browsers, the internet community has dropped support for Internet Explorer versions 6,7,8,9 there are way more up to date browsers, IE11 is fully supported for now.
    • Chrome, Safari and FireFox are fully 100% supported. • "USDW can add a small script to alert the viewer that they are using an out of date browser"

  • Does Upside Down Websites do computer related work ?

    We pride ourselves on providing a Quality IT Service covering almost every aspect of the IT industry. Whether it's Apple and Windows desktop & server support, network management, design & troubleshooting, wireless network & ADSL setup & installations, data storage and Data Recovery Services or hardware repairs and custom built PC's we can assist you.

    Whether it's one computer at home or several in your business, Upside Down Websites can provide the support you need.
    Our hours are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.and Saturday's from 9.00 am to 2.00 p.m.
    Book your service today by calling us on 0427 225 733 or sending UDW an email.

  • I Need More Info

    By all means contact Upside Down Websites and we can give you all the info you may need to help you get the correct web site or computer information for your needs.

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